Roofing, siding, and gutters due to storm damage: a homeowner's guide

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Your roof and the exterior of your home can suffer significant damage as a result of hail and strong winds. The degree of the damages and the options for having them fixed can both be determined by an examination by an experienced public adjuster. We offer comprehensive service to our clients, supported by years of experience in the building and roofing sectors. Make your house a place to be proud of with our help!

Roof Damage by a Hail Storm

There may be no outward visible signs of hail damage to your roof, siding, or gutters from the ground. For hail to pierce your shingles or cause bruising, it typically needs to be at least the size of a golf ball. Your roof will experience a loss of protecting granules if it is subjected to strong winds or prolonged hail that lasts more than a few minutes. This can reduce your roof's lifespan and mean needing replaced sooner than expected. Hail can dent fascia, gutters, and siding. The actual damage can be difficult to see and you should have your roof checked by a professional. We can carry out a roof inspection to check for signs of damage and give you the best possible advice on the next course of action.

Roof Shingles Can Be Damaged In Many Ways:

  • Damage From High Winds: When a strom hits, winds that gust over 50 mph can raise the shingles and damage the seals and can cause permanent damage to your roof. The unsealed shingles may subsequently flap in the wind and eventually break off.
  • Hail Stones: Wood shingles may sustain significant damage if your roof is pounded by a hailstorm that is exceptionally violent. Cracks, curling, broken edges, and dents are just a few of the damages that can cause water intrusion and possibly the development of moss and algae. Felt roof shingles are also susceptible to weather damage since they can become compromised by a strong shower of rain or hail. A felt shingle can quickly become fractured, brittle, blistered, and very prone to the same water infiltration and undesired growth as wood shingles even if just a small portion of it has been exposed to UV light.
  • Ventilation: The shingles will bubble up and scorch if your attic has poor or insufficient ventilation, which will lead to some serious issues. In older homes, this is extremely typical. In order to ensure the durability of the new shingles and assist prevent future decking issues, ventilation systems may also be required.

damage to a roof caused by hail

Make a claim if you have suffered damage to your roof

If there has been hail in your area, contact your insurance broker immediately. An adjuster will come out to assess your property and settle your claim after giving you a claim number. To ensure a just claim settlement and a clear knowledge of the procedure, we can help you when necessary to highlight any damage that has been incurred.

Throughout regular business hours, the adjuster will visit your premises. It is not necessary for you to be present while the inspection is conducted. This indicates that you might have little or no influence over the situation. As a result, small things or interior damage may go unnoticed.

What can I do in the future to protect my roof from hail damage?

Sadly, there is no way to control the weather, we all wish we could and have more sunny days in this country. However, you have influence over how your property is protected by using strong, high-quality roofing materials that are placed properly. Another crucial step is to undertake routine roof care, which should at the very least involve cleaning and examining your roof from top to bottom. These inspections will give you the chance to evaluate the condition of your roof and spot any weak spots that require fixing. Additionally, you want to think about cutting any trees that are close to your house because stormy weather can cause overhanging limbs to snap and fall directly onto your roof.

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