Kingston Primary School to Receive £1.7 Million for Roof Repairs and Fire Alarm Upgrades

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Kingston Primary School is set to receive £1.7 million for essential upgrades, including the replacement of leaky roofs and outdated fire alarm systems, after a recent survey highlighted the need for repairs. This significant investment by a South London council will benefit Lovelace Primary School in Chessington, with the work scheduled for this year (2024).

The funding was approved by Kingston Council's corporate and resources committee, which decided to increase the initial budget of £971,788 by an additional £758,000 during their November 30 meeting. Subsequently, the committee awarded the repair contract to CityAxis Ltd for an estimated £1,344,751.

The decision followed a comprehensive survey that identified the end-of-life status of four roofs and the fire alarm systems at the school, underscoring the urgent need for their replacement. Additionally, the survey revealed that window surrounds and doors also require further repairs to ensure the safety and integrity of the school facilities.

According to a council report, an initial budget of £971,778 was set aside to tackle the initially identified critical issues, which included roof leaks, general dilapidation, and the urgent need to replace the fire alarm and detection systems at the school. However, the report highlighted that additional work was discovered to be necessary, leading to an increased budget requirement of £758,000, raising the total to £1,729,778.

The report emphasised that this investment is crucial for replacing the faulty roofs and outdated fire alarm system, which will mitigate health and safety risks and enhance the overall environment for everyone at the school, making it a more enjoyable and comfortable place.

Lib Dem councillor Noel Hadjimichael remarked at the meeting, "This is a balancing act. Council has a statutory responsibility to provide education environments that meet the health and safety, the environmental and building standards, required for this very important responsibility.”

"Investing in our educational establishments to replace defective infrastructure such as roofs or obsolete fire alarm systems will address key health and safety risks, plus also improve and capture the opportunity to enhance the enjoyment and comfort of all users within the school location."

Lovelace Primary School
Address: Mansfield Rd, Chessington KT9 2RN
Phone: 020 8397 3265

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